Working to Live: How Being a Mortician Reshaped My Money Mindset

Working to Live: How Being a Mortician Reshaped My Money Mindset

I used to embalm people like you.

Well, they weren’t exactly like you. They were similar to you… except they were dead.

Creepy, I know.

And as you might expect, these experiences changed my life forever… but not always in the ways you might expect.

Here’s the thing: People think morticians spend their time dealing with the dead, but most of my time was actually spent working with the living. Yes, I picked up deceased people from houses, hospitals, and nursing homes. I embalmed them and got them dressed. I even placed them in their casket, making them look as lifelike as possible so their families could say their final goodbyes.

While I often thought about what they may have been like when they were alive, it was the living with whom I made a real connection. As I searched for ways to comfort them and connect with their grief, they often told me stories about their loved ones – trying to explain what made them a unique and special soul. Looking back on over a decade of my life spent in funeral service, it was in these moments – when grief-stricken families were desperately trying deal with their emotions by sharing their life stories – that I actually learned the most about my own life and decisions.



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