Your easy 8-step guide to becoming an online influencer

Your easy 8-step guide to becoming an online influencer

The appeal of being an online influencer is undeniable. You get to build your audience and authority while doing what you love… and you get actually get paid for it.

If this sounds like a good gig to you, read on. I’ll share eight steps to start becoming an online influencer in your field, starting today.

Go niche

The very best tip I can give you at the start of your influencer journey is to go niche. In any given field, there will already be big-name influencers who have been building their authority for years. Rather than trying to compete, narrow your focus down to a smaller and more targeted topic/field.

26-year old British blogger, Elise Andrew, is a great example of a mega-influencer who has cornered the market on a niche: science made simple. Her Facebook page, I f*ing love science, has amassed more fans than Popular Science and the National Science Foundation put together.

Had she tried to compete with those established brands, she likely never would have succeeded. However her unique perspective and approach toward science meant she started small, but exploded her influence in just a few short years.


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