Remote Managing A Side-Project Across The Globe

At Colloq, we are three freelancers with a regular project workload. We’re distributed across the globe. This article is about how we now manage to work efficiently on a side-project, and the story of how we got there.

Most of us know that running a side-project can be a daunting and rather difficult task to successfully manage, even and especially on your own. For a project involving three people, all working on client projects in parallel, making progress on a side-project is a challenge. We learned this the hard way, but I’m glad we nearly failed at first.

I have been working with agile project management methodologies for several years now. I have done so in various different teams—on-site and remote—with Scrum and Kanban, as well as in smaller and bigger teams and projects. Some projects were successful, others not so much. The main difference to Colloq is: This is my own project, there’s no external management, it’s all up to ourselves.