Required Reading for Aspiring VCs

Required Reading for Aspiring VCs

As the level of interest in starting and joining early-stage tech companies grows, so does interest in funding them. Usually once a week or so, I’ll hear from a new college grad, fresh MBA, or career soul-searcher who is eager to break into the Venture Capital industry. I’ve gathered the snippets below to share whenever someone is seeking input and advice. For the first time, I’m sharing the list publicly.

Getting Started

Though relatively small, the VC industry is very nuanced. Before jumping in, aspiring investors should consider several dimensions: Big firm or small firm? Early-stage or growth-stage? Hands-on or hands-off approach to the portfolio? Marquee brand or emerging firm? Sector-focused or generalist? Each firm lies on a spectrum, and it’s important to prioritize which factors are most important to you.

What is Venture Capital?

  • Read this first. NextGen Partners has a great FAQ which provides some insight on breaking into the industry some some intel on what the life of a new VC might entail.